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Strip IPL Ace Review

Most of us are quite familiar with Intense Pulsed Light or more commonly known as IPL, a hair removal treatment. Recently, I got the chance to try Strip’s IPL Ace. I actually finished my underarm IPL treatment eight years ago, so a booster session would be perfect! For those who are not aware, once you […]

OOTD: Lounging

Casual or weekend wear would mean wearing your most comfortable clothes. If you can bring out your lounge wear, why not?! But of course, let’s not forget about being fashionable. This is a perfect example of comfort and fashion in one look.

Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes with White Tea Extract Review

After introducing you to the new Burt’s Bees Daisy White Brightening Collection, here’s another product from Burt’s Bees which I tried recently. As I would always say, never ever sleep without makeup on. But for those days you’re dead tired and you don’t have the energy to clean your face, facial wipes come in handy. […]

Burt’s Bees Daisy White Brightening Collection

If we could just use all-natural products on our skin, why not?! Burt’s Bees has been known to produce earth-friendly and natural personal care products for 25 years. Recently, I was introduced to their newest skincare collection: Burt’s Bees Daisy White. It’s a natural brightening solution specially designed for Asian women.

Avon Over Nature Collection

Avon celebrates every woman’s natural beauty with the limited edition Over Nature collection. The heroes of the collection are the Over Nature Lipstick and Over Nature Makeup Palette, both housed in lovely printed paper-packaging enhanced by a design feast of florals in rich hues of red, purple, and pink. Over Nature Lipstick (PHP 269) is formulated with True Color Technology to […]

Celine Micro Luggage Tote Review

Finally, I’m sharing my Celine Micro Luggage Tote review. If you’ve noticed my OOTD posts lately, I’ve been using it frequently. Yes, it has become my fave tote to date. Well, I guess it deserves my attention because you don’t have any idea how long I’ve been wanting to get a Celine luggage tote! When the […]

Estee Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup Review

Estee Lauder Double Wear liquid foundation created a buzz among beauty enthusiasts. When they said it’s going to be long-wearing, they made sure to stick to their promise. But it’s not everyday that we need full coverage. For laid back days or even for everyday makeup, a lot of ladies out there want to keep […]

OOTD: Green and Gray

I wore this at H&M’s open house, as seen in my H&M Finally in Manila, Philippines post. The gloomy weather was my inspiration. The top is for the grey clouds and the skater skirt is for the green dewy leaves. Haha! Pretty straightforward, huh?! LOL!

Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay in Peppermint

Black, brown, flesh, and white are the most common eyeliner shades we use to rim the lower waterline. Well, I rarely line my lower waterline because it doesn’t last that long on me. Recently though, it has been part of my everyday makeup. And what makes it extra ordinary is that I use a gel […]

You’ve Been Brushing Your Teeth The Wrong Way

Recently, I attended an event about oral care. It’s definitely not the usual beauty event I go to. To be honest, when I was invited, my initial thought was oral care is already a common knowledge. Since we were kids, we were already taught by our parents and in school about the proper way of […]

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