Sfera Summer 2015

Recently, Sfera launched their Spring/Summer 2015 collection. If you’re in for a comfortable yet stylish getaway, Sfera Summer 2015 collection takes cue from the military-inspired styles in olive green colors and burnt oranges, as seen in its earlier releases. The collection includes light denim fabrics and crocheted bohemian pieces, cool white and light blue tones, and mixtures of electric greens and blues in structured styles.



Describe Yourself: #ChooseBeautiful

When you are asked to describe how you look, will you use the word “beautiful”? I know most of you are afraid that others would think of you as “feeling” or narcissistic. In fact, based on Dove’s research, 96% of women do not choose the word “beautiful” to describe how they look. Whoa! That’s quite a high number right there, huh?! But do you know that feeling beautiful can empower one’s outlook? And the good news is that feeling beautiful is a personal choice. Below is a candid film shot in five countries as Dove launches their Choose Beautiful campaign.

The Dove Choose Beautiful film captures real women choosing between two words that would best describe themselves: the socially acceptable ‘average’ and the frequently avoided ‘beautiful’. The film reveals that women often struggle with calling themselves beautiful.

It’s definitely about time that we, women, think differently about this choice. It’s time to embrace being and feeling beautiful to boost our confidence and self-esteem.

Dove has long been committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. Dove hopes to inspire women to develop a positive relationship with beauty, because when women recognize that they are beautiful, they bring out within them a powerful ability to positively impact the next generation of women.

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Sheinside: My Top Picks On SALE

One of my favorite online shops, Sheinside, has a lot of pretty sale items right now. If you’ve seen my OOTD: It’s Gotta Be White post, this is where I got the Blazer Dress I was wearing. A lot of the girls have been crushing on that dress ever since I posted it on my Instagram account (@lush_angel).

Anyway, I’ve been browsing Sheinside’s website again for several days now and I’m loving a lot of their stuff. What’s even better is most of them are on sale! Yay! It can be quite overwhelming when you check out their website since there are A LOT of choices! You might end up like me – spending the entire day shopping! I tried trimming down my picks and I’m sharing them with you below (also included their direct links below each photo for easier shopping).

Off The Shoulder Tops

I have a thing with off the shoulder tops. I find them sexy, without showing too much skin. They’re perfect for all body types too. If you’ve been avoiding sleeveless tops to hide your arms, off the shoulder blouse is a great alternative. Some off the shoulder tops show a small part of the shoulder, while the rest of the arm is covered (see pink off shoulder blouse below). And remember, the 70’s trend is back. Time to wear relaxed and carefree outfits!



Happy Socks Philippines

Gone are the days when we only opt for black or white socks. Ladies, gents, and kids are now into colorful, funky, printed socks. This is why when Happy Socks was finally made available here in the Philippines, fashionistas rejoiced!



Countdown to End of Summer Clearance Sale

Summer is almost over… Huhuhu! :( I’m panicking a bit since I want a one last hurrah before summer ends. Well, the good side of it is we can expect end of season sale almost everywhere! And it’s not really “end of season” for us in the Philippines since it’s like summer all year round here. Therefore, it’s time to take advantage of those great finds.

PerfectFit shop (more…)

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