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OOTD: Styling A Loose Top

It’s one of those days I simply want to dress comfortably. And what is comfortable dressing? Denim, pullover and sneakers! It’s like I’m ready for some serious walking – or maybe lounging. The pullover is actually loose on me. The trick to avoid loose top looking sloppy is to pull down one side, exposing one shoulder, and just push […]

Sample Room VIP Membership Revamped

When I first heard about Sample Room’s concept of “try before you buy”, I got extremely excited! This is what we’ve been waiting for here in the Philippines. You get to try the latest brands and products in the market, without the need to commit and buy them in full sizes. What’s even better is, […]

Rope Braid Tutorial

As promised in my previous OOTD post and for those who are asking how I did my hair, here’s my Rope Braid tutorial. It’s a nice variation from the usual braid, plus it’s very easy. I actually braided my hair while I was walking from the parking lot to the area where I took my […]

And Yet Another Surprising News From Smart

The SMART Free Internet was such big news when it was launched. And just recently, Mr. MVP gave another announcement that made the smile on our faces even bigger! Starting October 3, 2014, the free Internet offer is now open to all prepaid, postpaid and broadband subscribers of Smart, TNT, and Sun. PLUS, they are extending the duration of the free mobile Internet […]

OOTD: In The Woods

A dainty lace dress worn in the woods sounds like a scene in a fairytale movie. Or maybe not. Haha! I wore this one afternoon in Baguio. The cool air didn’t stop me from wearing a short dress. I love to embrace the cold weather. And yeah, I won’t deny, I thought this dress is just perfect […]

The Feel of New York Through DKNY MYNY

It has been five years since I last visited New York. I haven’t had the chance to go back because of my curiosity to see new places whenever I travel. As I browsed through my photos, I suddenly missed the hustle and bustle of this city. New York is definitely one of a kind. It’s indeed […]

Forever 21 SM Megamall Makeover + Fall 2014 Collection

I can still remember when Forever 21 opened in SM Megamall, the brand’s first ever branch here in the Philippines. For days, ladies had to wait in line just to get inside the store. Would you believe that was already 4 years ago?! Now, Forever 21 has 9 stores all over the country. And Forever […]

Have You Tried Taking Whitening Capsules?

I consider myself having fair skin. But after several beach trips and my recent vacation in Laos, my skin became uneven. My arms and shoulders are relatively darker than the rest of my body since I went around Laos wearing sleeveless. I wasn’t able to reapply sunblock, which resulted to my tanned skin right now. […]

SMART Free Internet: Details, How to Register, Promo Exclusions

You’ve probably heard about the big announcement of Mr. MVP yesterday morning, September 26, 2014. It has been all over the news and social media. Everyone just got excited when he revealed that Smart is offering FREE internet! YES, it’s FREE! It’s FREE! It’s FREE! A lot of people have been asking, what’s the catch? […]

All Things Hair Philippines: Answer To ALL Hair Concerns

I wrote a gist on what All Things Hair, a.k.a. ATH, is all about in my OOTD post. And as I’ve said, it deserves a separate post. I’m extremely excited to share more about ATH. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Why and what am I talking about? Read on. Aside from skin, I’m […]

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