Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Milk Review

As Bobbi Brown said, “Cleanser shouldn’t strip skin, it should add something back and make skin feel even better than before.” Recently, they launched the Soothing Cleansing Milk, a cleanser-oil-lotion hybrid. And what does it do? Most of us have read or probably even used cream or oil cleansers, but this one is quite unique. Anyway, I won’t keep you hanging. Read on my Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Milk Review below.


#SmartGigaMovies: Logan

In cased you missed my posts on my Instagram and Twitter accounts (@lush_angel), I was able to see Logan (For REAL – kinda! Haha! Okay fine, I meant, the movie!) – even before its Philippine showing and worldwide release! Ahhh… as an X-Men fan, I was ecstatic! Big thanks to #SmartGigaMovies! (If you wish to be part of the exclusive advance screenings of next movies to come, I’ll tell you more about it in a bit!)


Vionic: Infusing Science and Style in Footwear + OOTD

When it comes to footwear, I usually get that “love at first sight”experience. Although comfort is very important, as I would always say, I never liked sacrificing style. Bottomline: As long as it’s comfortable and stylish, I go for it! I do not really consider the science of the footwear I buy and I’m quite sure most of you do not either. But do you know that poorly designed shoes can cause our feet to lose their natural alignment, which causes other problems in our bodies, such as heel, knee and back pains? Vionic, a fashion-forward footwear brand, aspires to change this by infusing science and style in each of its footwear.




Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner Review

To be honest, I do not really pay attention to dip eyeliners whenever I see them in makeup counters. It’s probably because of my not so good experiences in the past – hard to apply and uneven application. Besides, in this day and age, I think most of us are all used to pens and brushes. And then Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner launched… At the back of my mind, why?! But of course, as a beauty blogger, I had to try it. The last time I used a dip eyeliner was… I really don’t remember! It has been ages, I guess! So I gave this new Hyperink Liquid Liner a shot. Here’s my in-depth Maybelline Hyperink Liquid Liner Review:


MAC Wicked Greening

I’ve been a fan of Wicked ever since I first watched it in London back in 2009. I can still remember how I laughed so hard and cried buckets of tears. Was I PMS-ing that time?! I can’t recall! All I know is that it’s one of my favorite plays I’ve seen. So just imagine my reaction when I received an invite for the MAC Greening event, a makeup session to demonstrate how to do Elphaba’s stage makeup and how to create a Wicked-inspired look. Of course, I said YES!

And to my surprise, Jacqueline Hughes and Carly Anderson, who portray Elphaba and Glinda in London, were the actual “models”!!! I died a little, you know! Haha! If you’re wondering, the stage makeup of all the actors in #WickedManila2017 were provided by MAC Cosmetics. Woot! Congratulations, MAC!


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